Japan Times interview

A few weeks ago I was contacted by Kris Kosaka, a journalist from the national daily newspaper The Japan Times, about doing an interview for an article in the paper. This was prompted by the publication of the new edition of ‘The Power of Okinawa’. The Japan  Times is a major source of news in English which I regularly read online and I was very pleased to do the interview with her. Kris was a very sympathetic interviewer and she focused not just on the book, but on many other things to do with my life and how I seem to have ended up in Okinawa, so her piece is more like a mini-biography of me. It was published in last Saturday’s paper, 15th May, under the title: ‘Fatalist follows music to find his niche in life’. It can be found here on the Japan Times website:


I have to add that I am definitely not a “fatalist” in the dictionary definition of the term. In no way do I think that all events are predetermined and therefore inevitable. But perhaps if it’s taken in the more general sense of drifting along with life’s flow, then I can forgive its use in the title, which was the idea of Kris’s editor. Anyway, I’m very pleased and rather flattered at their interest and to see the article finally  in print.

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2 Comments on “Japan Times interview”

  1. tn Says:

    That was an interesting read. It’s interesting because I discovered Okinawan music through Soul Flower Mononoke Summit who played often during the aftermath of the Kobe Earthquake. Maybe you have heard of them?

  2. Izumi Nishi Says:

    I also found the article in the Japan Times quite intriguing. Especially the part where how you and Midori-san survived the time after Kôbe Earthquake was impressive and moving.

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