On the Power of Okinawa blog

It’s just over three months since this blog began and I still haven’t really mentioned the point of it all. So just to put the record straight, this blog accompanies the second edition of ‘The Power of Okinawa’, the first book in English on Okinawan music, which was published in March 2010. The new edition is much bigger and better, but as all guidebooks are likely to date soon after publication (or even before), this blog is being used to add new information on Okinawan music and for the occasional album review. There are also some posts on other kinds of roots music that I’m interested in. Finally, there may also be some occasional posts on Okinawan life or culture which may have nothing to do with the music at all.

 Any longer music features should eventually end up on the Features page of the Power of Okinawa website, where several of the articles I’ve written over the years are already available to read.

 So to recap, my self-imposed guidelines are to write about Okinawan music; other roots music; or just plain Okinawa. While it might be nice to write about other interests of mine, such as the novels I’ve been reading, the films I’ve seen, or the World Cup football which has had me trapped in front of the TV now for nearly a month, I will resist the temptation.

 Many thanks to everyone who has been reading the blog up to now.

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One Comment on “On the Power of Okinawa blog”

  1. Izumi Nishi Says:

    I admire and respect your ‘resistance’; not so many people can win it in this season of football.

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