A local festival in Itoman

Throughout the Ryukyus there are matsuri (festivals) and events unique to these islands. But as well as the popular annual events which draw large crowds there are also much smaller festivals and gatherings organised by local communities where people get together to talk, eat, drink, sing, and dance. Last Saturday I went to one of these near my home on the Odo coast of Itoman on the southern tip of Okinawa.

Also visiting this tiny matsuri was my friend Heiko Junge and his family. Heiko is a photographer from Norway who has previously lived in Okinawa and he was for a time the official photographer for Shoukichi Kina. Several of his photos appear in the 2nd edition of ‘The Power of Okinawa’. Luckily for me he brought his camera along and below are just a few of the photos he took on Saturday:

The Odo coast

Local people gather for the festival

The village band plays some Okinawan minyo

Traditional summer dancing

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