Far Side Radio interview

Earlier this month I was interviewed by telephone from Okinawa on Paul Fisher’s weekly Far Side Radio programme which goes out every Wednesday on London’s Resonance 104.4fm. Paul is an old friend with a similar interest in Okinawan music. We have known each other for many years, ever since we first came into contact during the 1990s when we were both living in mainland Japan. Paul is now based in the UK and is involved in many aspects of the music business. He also runs his own website, Far Side Music, which is an online resource for music from East Asian countries.

Far Side Radio programmes also go out online and are eventually archived on Paul’s website. The one hour programme featuring my interview can be listened to again by going to the 6th October 2010 link here:


On the show I was asked about my book The Power of Okinawa and I also got to choose some selections of Okinawan music to listen to. I was relieved to find that the phone line seemed to be working well and the eight hour time difference meant that it began at 12 noon in London and at 8 pm here, so it was a very convenient time.  I hope the interview is of some interest.


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