Summer course in Venezuelan music

In 2009 the Madrid based Franco-Venezuelan musician Ricardo Sandoval came to Okinawa along with Japanese singer Mio Matsuda and French guitarist Matthias Collet. I was able to introduce them to the Okinawan musician Toru Yonaha and just two days later they all performed together at a venue in Ginowan. This was an intriguing mix of styles with music from Portugal, Venezuela, Okinawa and elsewhere, and the surprising thing was just how well the unusual combinations worked as accompaniment to Matsuda’s vocals. By the end of the evening, Sandoval – a master of the mandolin – was even experimenting with a sanshin for the first time.

Ricardo Sandoval has kept in touch and he sends details of a Summer course in traditional Venezuelan music which he is offering with another musician, Cristobal Soto. The course is the first of its kind in Europe and will be held in France from the 9th to 16th July 2011. Details are below:

For further information there is a website at

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