A Visit from Lucy

One of the joys of living on this island is that I am continually coming across singers and sanshin players who live close by. Last week I was contacted by a neighbour of mine, Nao, who is a supporting musician for the Okinawan-Peruvian singer Lucy. Then on Sunday both Nao and Lucy came to my house for dinner – bringing with them sanshin, guitar and sanba – and afterwards gave a wonderful impromptu performance in my living room!


Lucy has recently released her first album – to be reviewed here soon. She was born and raised in Lima as a third generation Okinawan-Peruvian, and embarked on her musical journey by studying the sanshin at the age of ten. In 1993 she entered an international karaoke competition in Japan as a delegate of Peru and was awarded first prize. A year later she moved to Okinawa and has since entered a number of competitions and won several prizes. She has also appeared on television and has now released the album Ninufabushi.

Nao and Lucy

While Lucy was here she began by singing ‘Tinsagu nu Hana’ and finished with a lovely version of the Yaeyama classic ‘Tubarama’.

Luckily, the Norwegian photographer Heiko Junge was back in Okinawa on one of his trips (see my interview with him on this blog last September) and by chance he was visiting me at the same time. This explains the inclusion here of so many good photos of Lucy taken during the evening.

On the balcony after the performance...

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4 Comments on “A Visit from Lucy”

  1. Nao Says:

    Thank you very much, John san.
    Lucy and I enjoyed very much the time with you all last night.
    I don”t think Lucy was expecting to have the photo session by such a great professional cameraman, though!

    Next week, we will go to Tokyo to perform. I want many people to listen to Lucy’s singing and to see her angel smile!

    And I hope that Lucy and I can talk with Midori san and you after coming back,again.

    • Heiko Junge Says:

      Thank you for a wonderful house concert. It was a great experience. And thank you for the CD. I´m glad you liked the pictures. Hope to see you again in the future!!!


      • lucy Says:

        Heiko san

        My friend told me that the photos taken by professional cameramen are different!! I do agree with it.
        Thank you so much for the photos and wonderful time with your daughters and you.

        Yes, I also hope to see you again. Maybe with your wife Kazuyo san, too, next time.

  2. Heiko Junge Says:

    Thank you, too Lucy! It was a pleasure photographing you. Wish you all the best luck with your new first album!

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