A trip to Kudaka

The small island of Kudakajima is just 20 minutes by boat from the south-east coast of Okinawa. It’s the closest of all the offshore islands to my home. I took a boat there yesterday and spent some time cycling around the island. Kudaka is held in awe by many people as an ancient place with a  special atmosphere and is the site of several utaki or sacred groves. Shoukichi Kina celebrates the island with his song ‘Kudaka Manjushu’ from his Hinukan album. And in 1996 Rinsho Kadekaru, along with his son Rinji and Misako Oshiro, did a concert there and the recording was later released as a CD.

Kadekaru's Kudaka CD: 'Okinawa no Tamashii Yukue'

Foolishly, I forgot to take my camera with me yesterday but still managed to get one or two half decent photos with a mobile phone.  These show some of the island’s coastline…..and there’s one of the intrepid cyclist in the island’s only village.

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4 Comments on “A trip to Kudaka”

  1. Heiko Junge Says:

    Beautiful, I wish I could be there now. It is still snowing here in Oslo, Norway. Look forward to going back to Okinawa in May.

  2. Julie Says:

    What a beautiful place. Great to see you have joined me as a cyclist! It is the only way to travel.
    I must come and visit this wonderful part of the world. Keep cycling !

  3. Izumi Nishi Says:

    I’ve been to the island a few times, with a friend, with my family, and by myself. Every time I visit it, I find something new and refreshing. Sometimes it was Utaki, and some other time it was a cow which was feeding on salty island grass. This story reminds me of all my trips to Kudaka Island. I should probably visit it more frequently because it is one of closest islands from Naha as well.

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