Japan earthquake support event

On Sunday 10th April a major music event will be held in Okinawa to support the victims of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan. The event, known as ‘What a Wonderful World in Okinawa’, has been organised by a committee of musicians from the island and it will take place in the area around the Okinawa Convention Centre in Ginowan City. The area will open from 12 noon and performances will be on a number of different stages starting at 1 pm and going on until 6 pm. Many of the big names in Okinawan music will be there including Seijin Noborikawa, Sadao China, Nenes, Yuki Yamazato, Yoriko Ganeko, Begin, Yukito Ara, Isamu Shimoji, Mongol 800, Diamantes, Chihiro Kamiya, Yasuko Yoshida, and The Fere. Attendance is free but people are asked to make donations at a number of boxes which will be placed around the venue. All money collected will be sent to help the victims of the disaster.


Chihiro Kamiya


Other music events to support the victims of the earthquake will be held at a number of ‘live houses’ around the island. Shuttle bus services will be provided to the main event in Ginowan from Naha and Koza (Okinawa City). If you are in Okinawa please support this event. For more information (in Japanese) and for details of the venue and the full line-up of musicians there is a website at:


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