Japan earthquake support event: a footnote

Yesterday’s charity concert ‘What a Wonderful World in Okinawa’ was a great success with an estimated 50,000 people attending Ginowan Seaside Park on a hot, sunny day. The event was also broadcast live to venues around Japan. A moment’s silence was observed by everyone at 2:46 pm – the exact time the earthquake struck eastern Japan on the 11th March.

The construction of a number of outdoor stages enabled us to walk from one to another and enjoy a wide variety of music throughout the afternoon. The highlights included Sadao China’s early traditional set which included ‘Jidai no Nagare’; the rock band Mongol 800 who gave a spirited show in front of a very large and enthusiastic crowd; and Kazufumi Miyazawa’s singing of the inevitable ‘Shimauta’. Chihiro Kamiya’s version of the folk song ‘The Water is Wide’, sung in both English and Japanese, was also a nice surprise. The biggest crowd of all gathered for Begin’s performance which closed the event. They had everyone singing along on their ‘Shimanchu nu Takara’ and were finally joined on stage by all of the day’s performers. The organization of this fundraising concert at such short notice was no small feat and great credit must go to everyone involved.

The Okinawa Times newspaper reported the event on its front page today with this picture of the finale:

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3 Comments on “Japan earthquake support event: a footnote”

  1. Heiko Junge Says:

    I wish I could be there…………must have been a great Sunday-treat!!!

  2. TN Says:

    Looked like an amazing event! How did they do with regards to the fundraising?

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