London Okinawa Day 2011

London Okinawa Day 2011 will take place on Saturday 25th June at Spitalfields, London E1. The event will be held from 11:00~19:00 and admission is free. London Okinawa Day was a big success last year with over 7,500 visitors and it attracted a good deal of press coverage. This has encouraged the organizers to go ahead with plans for this year which will have a special theme of “Chibariyo Tohoku! Chibariyo Japan!” (Be united Tohoku! Be united Japan!) in support of the recovery of people’s daily life in Tohoku where the Great East Japan Earthquake struck on 11th March.

The organizing committee has issued a press release stating their intention to create the real atmosphere of Okinawa in London. They hope to encourage more and more people in the UK to participate and to enjoy Okinawan related events in order to create an Okinawan cultural hub in the UK.

Yaeyama classical dance

Among events planned for the day are Okinawan music, dance and karate performances by individuals and groups from the UK and Okinawa; food stalls selling Okinawan dishes such as goya champuru and taco-rice; arts and crafts stalls from Okinawa; an exhibition of art works including photography, drawing and painting; and a display of information on the history of Okinawa with useful travel and cultural guides to the islands.

I’ll be stuck here on Okinawa at that time (no doubt eating goya champuru and listening to Okinawan music anyway) but if any readers of this blog are in London in June it sounds like a good day out. For more information there is a website at:

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2 Comments on “London Okinawa Day 2011”

  1. Julie Says:

    Hi, I will put it in my diary-looks like fun.Julie 🙂

  2. Izumi Nishi Says:

    This is indeed a good, not long, description of and introduction to the Day. And I am grateful for your careful statement after the organizer’s slogan “Chibariyoo Nippon” (Be united Japan!), on which I am not particularly keen.

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