Oshima concert…and its aftermath

Yasukatsu Oshima’s solo concert went ahead as planned in Naha on Saturday evening despite the threat of the second typhoon to hit Okinawa this year. As expected, Oshima performed impeccably and with just voice accompanied by sanshin he played for almost two hours. The set contained several traditional songs from his native Yaeyama Islands as well as other songs from Miyako and Okinawa. Towards the end of the concert he played some of his own original songs. These included the lively ‘Akayura’, and also ‘Ryusei’ his tribute to the late Rinsho Kadekaru. He also sang his own version of Shoukichi Kina’s early song ‘Agarizachi’.

Yasukatsu Oshima

During the latter stages of the concert the sounds of the typhoon outside seeped ominously through the walls of the Sakurazaka Theatre giving Oshima some unwanted extra accompaniment. He had already decided beforehand to dispense with the interval and to play right through without any breaks. By the end of the concert the typhoon was raging outside and it was a hair-raising drive home to the south coast for me through strong winds and lashing rain, with flying debris and roads partially blocked with the branches of fallen trees. Within about two minutes of arriving home a power failure put out all the electricity in my home, and throughout much of the Ryukyu Islands, affecting many thousands of people. It was some 15 hours before the electricity was restored in our area. Water supplies were also affected, and 61 people were injured according to reports in the media.

Workmen deal with a fallen telephone pole on Okinawa after the typhoon

This was apparently the strongest May typhoon to strike Okinawa since records have been kept. As I survey the desolation of my garden, which now looks even more of a wasteland, I am hoping that Oshima’s next concert here will be a little less eventful – at least in terms of natural disasters.

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4 Comments on “Oshima concert…and its aftermath”

  1. Nick South Says:

    Hi John,

    Sounds like it was a very interesting concert indeed! I’m glad it went ok, although the typhoon sounds a bit scary. I’m sure your garden will survive. I never had you down as a gardener, a bit like myself. I’m hopeless.

    I hope that normal weather returns now.

    All the best, Nick

  2. Izumi Nishi Says:

    What a surprise! You went to Oshima’s concert that evening and drove back home. And his music was impeccable, being accompanied by extra sounds.

  3. claude gagnon Says:

    Hi John!
    I also enjoyed the concert a lot…
    The two kilometer walk back home was quite an experience, covering my head with my hood and arm, I kept my eyes wide open for flying objects and didn’t waste time on the way…
    Thanks again for introducing me to Oshima’s music!


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