Back in January I met someone at a party in Yomitan on Okinawa’s west coast who is a staff member at Asoviva, a sanshin shop based in the village. Since then I’ve been in touch with the shop’s owner Youta Yamazaki who began the business in 2006. Asoviva is not just a shop but also a gallery and a centre for teaching the instrument – its website describes it as a “resort instrument factory”. Yamazaki says he “is driven by the dream that the sanshin will become an instrument recognized and heard all over the world, in all genres of music.” The Asoviva website has English pages where it’s possible to find information about Okinawa’s most popular musical instrument and to order and buy custom made sanshin. There is a worldwide shipping service. A link to the page has been added to the Links on the Power of Okinawa website and it can also be found here:

The Power of Okinawa book is on sale at the shop. At present Asoviva is donating 5% of all sales to the Japanese Red Cross in aid of the 11th March earthquake in Japan.


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