The Bear Beats Band

The North Wales based Bear Beats Band have just released their first CD which contains six original songs. I will declare my interest straight away by admitting that the band’s bass player Oscar South is some sort of relative of mine. He’s the son of my nephew Julian and his wife Margaret. Nevertheless I can still safely recommend this mini-album by the band which comprises Oscar on bass, Skeet Williams (guitar, mandolin and banjo), Darren Jones (African hand percussion), and most importantly, vocalist, guitarist and saxophone player Lisa Boas who also writes the words of all the songs here. They describe themselves as a folk/world band and most of these songs are fairly laid back in an acoustic way but with just enough variety to make the listener wonder what they will do next. The last track ‘Just Friends’ is probably the least typical of what they do with its pop influences but is for me the most successful.

The Bear Beats Band: Oscar, Lisa, Skeet, Darren

The Bear Beats Band recorded this debut in Wales where they have toured and have also played as support act for English folk singer Jackie Oates. Their website is at

Oscar’s father Julian South is something of a roots musician too and is a melodeon player and morris dancer. But that’s another story. I still wait in vain to hear any influence from the Ryukyu Islands in either father or son’s music.

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4 Comments on “The Bear Beats Band”

  1. Oscar South Says:

    Thanks for the write up, hope you enjoyed the CD.

    As far as Ryukyu Islands influence.. watch this space 🙂

  2. Julian Says:

    Thanks for this John. I must try and get some Ryukyu dance moves too in some sort of fusion morris style. Would sure be fun to try.

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