Nenju Kachashi

Nenju Kachashi is a new release from Campus Records, the local island label run by songwriter, producer and entrepreneur Bisekatsu (Yoshikatsu Bise). Three years ago he released an album of various artists called Nenju Eisa and it became so popular that he has decided to make a follow-up, this time featuring the islands’ lively kachashi (or katcharsee) dance songs.

Younger artists appearing on the album include Kazutoshi Matsuda, Mika Uchizato, Tatsuya Shimabukuro, and Hitoshi Kan. The album culminates in a 17 minute track called ‘Renzoku Kachashi’ which is a sequence of many of the well-known dance songs from the islands. Veteran singer and sanshin player Akira Wakukawa is joined on this by Mika Uchizato and others. A bonus track featuring another veteran singer Hirokazu Matsuda ends the album. There are good versions of both ‘Umi nu Chinbora’ and the inevitable ‘Toshin Doi’ by Kazutoshi Matsuda who also produced the recording. Bisekatsu is credited as executive producer.

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