A visit to Chinen

Much of the south-eastern part of the island of Okinawa is known for its ancient and sacred sites and is rich in history and local culture. The area of Chinen, just a few minutes from our home, forms a small peninsula which overlooks the Pacific Ocean. Midori and I went there yesterday and had lunch at the ‘Umi no Kaori’ café near the fishing port of Azuma.

The view from Umi no Kaori cafe

With Okinawan shisa, outside the cafe

After our Okinawan/Japanese style buffet lunch we explored the Chinen castle ruins on the hill nearby. Not much is left of the 14th century castle but its secluded jungle-like setting is both mysterious and spectacular with a view of the ocean and many winding paths and tracks through thick foliage. With the temperature at 33 degrees and a scorching sun all day, a cooling drink of the island’s Orion beer was just the thing on our return home. Appropriately, we were able to enjoy this while watching the latest episode of NHK TV’s new weekly drama series ‘Tempest’ – a story set on Okinawa during the last years of the Ryukyu Kingdom.

Below are some photos from the Chinen castle site:

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2 Comments on “A visit to Chinen”

  1. Julie Says:

    Great photos- you are living in a beautiful place.
    One day I will come and visit.

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