A meeting with Misako Oshiro & Kanako Horiuchi

Yesterday I met up with Misako Oshiro and Kanako Horiuchi for an interview about the new joint album they have made which will be released at the end of this month by Respect Records. Our meeting took place in Naha at the minyo club known as Shima Umui which is run by Oshiro. In fact, there will be two articles resulting from the interview – one will eventually appear in the UK’s fRoots magazine and the other in the Japan Times newspaper.

With Misako Oshiro and Kanako Horiuchi after yesterday's interview

Although I’ve been listening to Misako Oshiro’s music for many years and have seen her perform several times, this was our first meeting. She is now 75 and widely regarded as Okinawa’s greatest living female singer. Kanako Horiuchi, who is originally from Hokkaido, moved to Okinawa 11 years ago to study its traditional music as a pupil of Oshiro. She is also the vocalist for Ska Lovers and their album is reviewed elsewhere on this blog. The new album will be reviewed here later this month and the fRoots feature will no doubt eventually find its way to the Power of Okinawa website.

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One Comment on “A meeting with Misako Oshiro & Kanako Horiuchi”

  1. Izumi Nishi Says:

    Glad to know that you finally interviewed Misako Oshiro. I agree that she is Okinawa’s greatest living female singer and clearly remember that her singing at the occasion of the 20th anniversary of Rô Takenaka’s death was impeccable and touching. Look forward to reading your articles.

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