The Bear Beats Band and Melodic Traditions

On this blog in July I reviewed a new mini-album by Wales based Bear Beats Band – a quartet playing their own original songs in an acoustic folk vein. This summer they made their first appearance at the WOMAD festival in England. The band’s bass player Oscar South also happens to be the son of my nephew Julian.

At the time of my review I commented, somewhat ironically, that the band’s music regrettably shows no influence whatsoever from Okinawa. Well, it seems I may soon have to eat my words as Oscar has been in touch to tell me that the Power of Okinawa has helped to awaken in him a new interest in Okinawan music and culture. As a result of this, and also his discovery of the traditional music of the Sakha Republic (also known as Yakutia), he hopes to bring some new influences from different musical cultures into his own music and possibly to use regional instruments from these cultures in the future.

He has just started a blog named Melodic Traditions where he writes about and posts videos of his continuing explorations into world music. A recent post includes a video of him playing the melody of ‘Tinsagu nu Hana’ on guitar.

Melodic Traditions can be found at:

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