Misako Oshiro & Kanako Horiuchi concert

Veteran Okinawan singer and sanshin player Misako Oshiro appeared  last night in concert with her protegee Kanako Horiuchi at Naha’s Sakurazaka Theatre. The concert was one of only two appearances organised by Respect Records (the other was in Tokyo) to promote  the women’s new joint album Uta Nu In which was reviewed on this blog in September.

Misako Oshiro & Kanako Horiuchi

Oshiro and Horiuchi played many of the songs from the album as well as several other traditional Okinawan songs. They were on stage for around two hours and were joined at various times throughout the evening by special guest Toru Yonaha who sang and played sanshin, taiko and Ryukyu harp. It was a varied show with some songs sung as duets, others solo, and some with Yonaha. Among the highlights was Kanako Horiuchi’s solo version of a song usually associated with her mentor, ‘Kataumui’. In all a very successful evening’s entertainment which was well appreciated by the large audience.

It was good to meet up again briefly with them afterwards and with Kenichi Takahashi of Respect Records. My article on Oshiro and Horiuchi for the UK’s fRoots magazine has been delayed and will now appear in the January/February issue – and eventually on the Features page of the Power of Okinawa website.

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One Comment on “Misako Oshiro & Kanako Horiuchi concert”

  1. Izumi Nishi Says:

    Look forward to reading your article for fRoots.

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