Teruteru at the National Theatre Okinawa

Megumi Tomita plays the character Akemi in the new film Karakara which is currently in production on Okinawa. She is a person of many talents who has been involved in the performing arts since a very young age. She learned theatre production in France, is a lyric writer, and has produced theatrical events for children worldwide. Last night she directed her own production Teruteru at the National Theatre of Okinawa. Teruteru is a short and playful musical drama suitable for all ages and was performed by a versatile group of five actors who also sing, dance and play sanshin, guitar, flute and percussion.

The drama was performed in the second half of the show. In the first half the audience had been entertained by a selection of Okinawan music, dance and drama by the same group. This included some classical Ryukyu dance, a medley of traditional songs from the Yaeyama, Miyako and Okinawa islands, and a short piece of kumiodori the traditional Ryukyu dance-drama. It was an excellent evening’s entertainment which pleased young and old alike and managed to strike a perfect balance between modern and traditional Okinawan culture.

Many thanks to Megumi Tomita for inviting me to this event.

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