Kakumakushaka: Image Nothing

Okinawan hip-hop singer Kakumakushaka is best known for his collaboration with Tatsumi Chibana on the Duty Free Shopp album Oto Ashagi and for one song in particular, the incendiary ‘Tami no Domino’ which castigates both Japanese and American governments for their shabby treatment of Okinawa. The song focuses on the anger of the island people in the wake of an accident in which a US military helicopter crashed onto the campus of Okinawa International University.

Now Kakumakushaka is back, this time with a six track mini-album Image Nothing released by Subenoana. It’s a short but powerful set of recordings with some assistance from K2Y, MC Soda and Hisomi-TNP.

Most of the tracks sound more laid-back and melodic than before but on closer inspection the strong social and political messages are still there. The song ‘623’ refers to June 23rd which is the day when the end of the Battle of Okinawa is commemorated and is a public holiday on the islands. It’s an outstanding song but better still is the irresistible title track ‘Image Nothing’ – possibly the best thing Kakumakushaka has done (despite the mangled English of the title).

A video of the song ‘Image Nothing’ can be seen at Kakumakushaka’s website: kakumakushaka.com

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