Karakara in Hyakuna

On Thursday the film crew of the Canada-Japan co-production Karakara spent a day shooting on location at Hyakuna on Okinawa’s south-east coast where the opening scenes of the movie take place. It was a long day which began with the film crew shooting the sunrise and it didn’t end until almost 8 pm. Everyone is working very hard as the shooting nears its conclusion which will be once again at Hyakuna on Sunday. Here are some photos taken during the day:

Filming the sunrise at Hyakuna

A view of the coast at Hyakuna

Lunchtime with actor Gabriel Arcand and some of the extras

On the terrace with Karakara producer Takako Miyahira

Planning the next day: Claude (director), Tanno (1st assistant director), Saori (unit manager), Daniel (2nd assistant director)

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