Lucy concert in Naha

Okinawan-Peruvian singer Lucy gave a concert this afternoon at Ryubo Hall in Naha – and is scheduled for a second concert at the same venue this evening. Songs from both of her albums Ninufabushi and Hiyamikachi were well represented in the afternoon set and it was no surprise that she gave a very accomplished performance. What did come as something of a surprise though was the sheer variety of the songs, styles and musicians on display.

For a major part of the concert she was supported by a band comprising five members. This included the musician, producer and arranger Kenji Yano on guitar and ukulele. Mana Nagahiro’s arrangement of ‘Mimurabushi’ was the highlight of the Hiyamikachi album and this and several other songs were performed in their full glory with electric and acoustic guitars, violin and percussion all blending well with Lucy’s sanshin.


There was also a section where she performed orthodox versions of Okinawan traditional songs together with a koto player and the reliable Nao on guitar. Lucy’s version of ‘Yonaguni Shonkane’ was particularly impressive here. Some songs with a Latin flavour and sung in Spanish were included and she proved that she is equally at home with these as she is with Okinawan minyo. The concert concluded with a wonderful take on ‘Hounen Ondo’ which mixed up Okinawan music and Brazilian samba. During the inevitable encore Lucy invited her teacher and mentor Shizuko Oshiro to the stage to sing together.

The Ryubo Hall venue was almost full for this concert which shows how popular Lucy is fast becoming. Even the occasional mishap on stage doesn’t matter at all when she is around as her calm and sweet nature shines through along with her enjoyment of the songs and the musicians around her.

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