Sansanar 2

Okinawan trio Sansanar have a new mini-album released on Teichiku Entertainment, a follow up to their first CD which was reviewed here last summer. The three young women are Yurie, Asa and Miki and they sing and play what is described by their record company as ‘Neo Okinawa Pops’.

This 8 track album includes mainly original songs written by Parsha Club member Masaaki Uechi. There is also a cover version of Begin’s popular ‘Taketomi-jima de Aimasho’ and an ‘Okinawan Minyo Medley’. A two track DVD featuring the album’s opening song ‘Mole Mole’ plus the minyo medley comes with some copies of the album.

As before, Masaaki Uechi is heavily involved as musician, producer and composer, along with Shakari producer Kanari and the musician Toru Yonaha. In fact, the whole Sansanar project is the brainchild of Uechi who wanted to make a pop unit using Okinawan elements.

The benchmark for female vocal groups was set very high with the success of the original Nenes. Their rise was partly because of the strong characters of the individual members and their experience and background in traditional music. At present, Sansanar are a long way from emulating that and are more like an artificial creation produced by Uechi and his team. Nevertheless, everything here is well sung, played and produced and the mini-album is very enjoyable. It will be interesting to see how things develop for Sansanar in the future.


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