Sadao China retires

Sadao China announced his retirement last night during his concert at Okinawa Shimin Kaikan. 66 year old China made his singing debut at the age of 11 and the concert in Koza last night was to celebrate his 55 years as a performer. One of the greatest ever singers and sanshin players of Okinawan traditional songs, China’s 6 CD box set Shimauta Hyakkei won a national record award in 2009. He is also known for his songwriting, for his production of the group Nenes, and for his work as producer of the Ryukyu Festivals.

Sadao China

At the start of last night’s concert China revealed that he has been suffering from problems with his voice over the last four or five years and as a result could not sing as well as he would like. Therefore a tearful China told the shocked audience that this would be his last performance in public. Among the other musicians performing with China last night were Yasukatsu Oshima, Seibun Tokuhara, original Nenes member Yasuko Yoshida, and China’s son Sadahito China.

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3 Comments on “Sadao China retires”

  1. Helen Yamada Says:

    Interesting article; thank you for sharing. (Nifee deebiru)

  2. paul potter Says:

    Thank you for letting us all know. I appreciate his music…I’m sorry this his voice has not been well..I wish him the best

  3. tn Says:

    Sorry to hear about his voice. I wish him all the best and a happy retirement!

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