FC Ryukyu in Chatan

Despite the onset of the rainy season in Okinawa, the weather is bright and sunny with the temperature at 26 degrees yesterday. Okinawa’s only professional soccer team FC Ryukyu have made a good start to the new Japan Football League season. Yesterday’s match in Chatan ended in a 1-0 win over a strong V-Varen Nagasaki team, the goal coming from forward Shunta Takahashi. Attendances at home games are usually around 2,000 and the club is keen to attract more followers. Recently, even the players have been coming outside the ground after matches to greet the fans and thank them for their support. The stadium in Chatan is also adjacent to Sunset Beach where several people took advantage of the fine weather to swim in the sea. Here are some photos from yesterday:

The stadium in Chatan

With goalscorer Shunta Takahashi after the match

Sunset Beach is next to the stadium

Sunset Beach

Leaving after the match

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4 Comments on “FC Ryukyu in Chatan”

  1. Izumi Nishi Says:

    Yes, Takahashi Shunta is a good player, moving and dribbling quite quickly. I liked him once I saw him playing on the pitch though it was a long time ago. I miss the days when I could see them play at Chatan or Nishihara with you. I am sorry to say that things have not allowed me to do so recently.

    • Takahashi has been very good this season and is currently the top goalscorer in the JFL. Hope to see you again sometime at a match.

      • Izumi Nishi Says:

        Do you feel or guess that FC Ryuukyuu will possibly be promoted to J2 next year?

      • I think the team is much better this year (although the defence is still a bit of a problem). It’s possible they could finish in the top four but even if they did it’s extremely unlikely they would be promoted to J2 because the league requirement is for an average home attendance of at least 3,000. Ryukyu’s attendances are much too low. Also, they would probably need to build a proper football stadium. So I don’t have much hope for this but you never know!

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