A drive along Okinawa’s south-east coast

The rainy season on Okinawa ended last week and now we are into the long hot summer with sizzling temperatures and high humidity. Today we  went for a drive along the south-east coast. After lunch at Ukon Salon, a herb restaurant and garden in Sashiki, we visited the small port of Azama where boats leave regularly for Kudaka Island, and then walked on Azama San San Beach next to the port. Some photos of the beach and port taken this afternoon:

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5 Comments on “A drive along Okinawa’s south-east coast”

  1. Julie Redpath Says:

    You are making me jealous now! What a really beautiful place .

  2. Izumi Nishi Says:

    The coastal areas from Chinen including “the small port of Azama” to Itoman where you live, I once considered and still consider to be Provence in Okinawa. I went for a drive on the almost same route you drove with my to-be-partner and ended up dining at Fisherman’s Wharf near the fishing port of Itoman. It was almost a quarter century ago, though.

  3. Izumi Nishi Says:

    p.s. It was in effect one of the few successful dates to me.

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