A walk on the south coast

The walk I take most often is down to the beach near my house at Odo and then through the fields to the small neighbouring village of Komesu. These two settlements almost merge into each other in Itoman on the south coast of Okinawa. The Odo coast is popular for diving and snorkeling and also has a large number of rock pools which appear at low tide. Not surprisingly though, I was the only one crazy enough to be walking there in this morning’s sweltering heat – the only other person I came across was a local farmer working in his field. Here are some pictures from today’s walk:

Looking out to the Odo coast

Some of the rock pools on the coast

On the road to Komesu

Local bus shelter protected by rooftop shisa (lions)

Another shisa

Home again

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2 Comments on “A walk on the south coast”

  1. Philippa Lamb Says:

    As I sit in the UK under a leaden sky with the rain tumbling down, I have just seen PARADISE in these beautiful photographs. Wonderful!

    • Jim Grogan Says:

      Damnit! Everytime I see such scenes of that friendly, beautiful island where I lived for 2 and 1/2 years the nostalgiac homesickness becomes almost unbearable.

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