A trip to Kumejima

This week Midori and I spent a few days on Kumejima (Kume Island) which is about four hours from Okinawa by ship including a brief stop on the way at the small island of Tonaki. Fortunately, there was no sign of any typhoon and the weather was hot and sunny throughout our stay. The sun seems even stronger here than on Okinawa so visitors to the island have to be a bit careful not to get burned. One of many highlights of the trip was a visit to Hate no Hama, a long offshore sandbank which is reached in 20 minutes by boat from Kumejima. We were able to swim and snorkel here alongside many beautiful fish. The only minor calamity was forgetting to recharge the battery on my camera, so most of the photos below were taken with a mobile phone:

The ship to Kumejima in Naha port

Stopping at Tonaki Island

Kumejima now in sight

Some bottles of awamori produced on Kumejima

The boat arrives at Hate no Hama

The other side of Hate no Hama

Hate no Hama’s only toilet

Getting ready to leave Hate no Hama

A Kumejima shisa

Mifuga rocks

The Tatami Ishi natural rock feature, here mostly underwater

On Kumejima’s Eef Beach

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4 Comments on “A trip to Kumejima”

  1. Izumi Nishi Says:

    Glad to hear that you two had fabulous days. Just one question: Did you see the horn of unicorn?

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