Ichariba Amigos!

Lucy’s Ichariba Amigos! is a weekly radio programme on Okinawa’s FM Uruma (Yuimaru Radio FM 86.8MHz) hosted every Wednesday at 3 pm by the Okinawan-Peruvian singer and sanshin player together with her fellow musician Nao. The show runs for 55 minutes and is presented in Japanese but also with Spanish translations by Lucy. It introduces a lot of themes, topics and information from Okinawa and Lucy also plays live music in the studio.

Nao and Lucy in the studio

Yesterday I was asked to join the programme through Skype in order to answer some questions about my involvement with the new movie Karakara, which is released in Okinawa in January, and I had a good time talking with Nao and Lucy. It’s the second time they have invited me to their show. They also introduced the Karakara theme song ‘Tumi Dumi’ written by Yukito Ara and performed by Sakishima Meeting. The show is available through an internet live stream and previous shows are archived:


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2 Comments on “Ichariba Amigos!”

  1. gritsnsushi Says:

    I didn’t know about this show. I’ll have to tune in next Wednesday. Do you know if the shows are archived online? I wish I could have been more in touch with the Okinawan Peruvian community this past year. We will be leaving soon. I lived in Bolivia long ago and became very interested in the small Okinawan community there — I know so different from the Peruvian Okinawan population pero todavia –son Andinos (yet they are still Andeans).

    • If you go to the radio station link at the bottom of my post you can find some previous shows online to listen to. I assume that yesterday’s programme will be put up soon. I’m sorry to hear you are leaving soon but hope you’ve had a rewarding time in Okinawa and that you will keep in touch.

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