Tatsumi Chibana: Live in Naha

Last night Okinawan singer, songwriter and producer Tatsumi Chibana gave a live performance in Naha at Bar Tsuchi as part of a tour to promote his new album Atarashii Sekai. The small but intimate and welcoming venue was packed to the rafters to hear Chibana play a large number of songs from the new album (reviewed recently on this blog). Better known as a hip-hop and rock musician, Chibana slipped effortlessly into his new songs which are quite a departure for him. He sang and played acoustic guitar and harmonica throughout, accompanied only by a second guitarist. Many of the new songs are concerned with serious Okinawan issues but Chibana manages to perform them with a lightness of touch and a positivity which is very engaging.

Tatsumi Chibana

Tatsumi Chibana

Towards the end of the show Chibana introduced his special guest, Okinawan hip-hop artist Kakumakushaka, and they did two songs together. The second of these was their trademark ‘Tami no Domino’ written together for their joint album Oto Ashagi six years ago. This powerful political song was written as a response to the accident in which a US military helicopter crashed onto the campus of Okinawa International University. It is still very relevant to the situation in Okinawa today and this new version with blistering vocals and acoustic guitars sounded even more powerful than ever. Chibana ended his set with the title song from the new album but was called back for two encores and finished the evening with his own version of Begin’s ‘Shimanchu nu Takara’.

Tatsumi Chibana ends his tour on 29th December with a free live show together with Akane Murayoshi at Izakaya Dream in Henoko.

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One Comment on “Tatsumi Chibana: Live in Naha”

  1. Nishi Says:

    Thank you very much indeed for your detailed report on yesterday’s live performance by Tatsumi Chibana, which I wish I could have been. You say above, “this new version with blistering vocals and acoustic guitars sounded even more powerful than ever”. This “new” acoustic version must be similar to the version played by both the musicians at Okinawa University when I invited them to a class a few years ago. It touched me very much as it did on you.

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