Sakishima Meeting: Tome Dome

Sakishima Meeting is a duo comprising Yukito Ara from Ishigaki Island and Isamu Shimoji from Miyako Island. Both singers are well-known solo artists but they also enjoy playing together and this is not the first time they have recorded as a duo. This latest release is the single ‘Tome Dome’ (pronounced ‘Tumi Dumi’ in Okinawan) and it’s the theme song for the new movie Karakara.

The film by Claude Gagnon is a Canada-Japan co-production set in Okinawa and has already been featured several times on this blog (not least because I was involved in a small acting role). But without bias it should be clear to any listener that Ara has done a fine job with the vocal and sanshin on this quietly atmospheric song which he co-wrote with Shimoji especially for the film. The CD also includes an English translation of the lyrics.

Tome Dome

As well as the theme song there are three instrumental tracks on the CD. One of these is ‘Tome Dome’ and the others are the movie’s opening theme ‘Akigumu’ and trailer theme ‘Yurafa’. The musicians accompanying Ara’s sanshin and Shimoji’s guitar are Isao Nishikawa (acoustic bass) and Yuuko Sato (piano) and their music captures the mood of Karakara perfectly. The CD is released by Arize.

A reminder for those in Japan, the movie will be on general release in Okinawa from 12th January 2013 and at venues throughout mainland Japan from 19th January. The official website is at:

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