Sounds of the Ryukyus 2: Kina Shoukichi

Below is the main text of my second column for Momoto magazine which was published in July 2012.  A Japanese translation follows the English.

Sounds of the Ryukyus, vol.2

Discovering Okinawa with Kina Shoukichi

Why am I living in Okinawa? I have one man to blame for this – his name is Kina Shoukichi. When I listened to him it came as a great shock to hear Okinawan music for the first time. Japanese music was very lacklustre and unexciting by comparison. My discovery led me to many other kinds of Okinawan music and finally to moving here.

I first met Kina at the end of the 1980s when he and his band Champloose put on such a life-affirming show in Kyoto that I still remember it as one of the highlights of my life. I then interviewed him for a magazine and in 1994 met up with him and his band in England when they performed in London. The next day I drove him to my hometown of Norwich where he did a live interview on local radio.

While most people know Kina for his song ‘Hana’ I would be perfectly happy never to hear this over-recorded song ever again. For me, there are two different songs which are far more moving. One is ‘Agarizachi’, a Kina original which refers to a point on the coast of Yonaguni and expresses love and concern for these precious islands. The other song that I like even more is ‘Nagareru Mamani’ which blends Kina’s words with a beautiful melody by Fukuhara Tsuneo. Kina is also surprisingly good when performing Okinawan minyo and it’s easy to overlook that he is also a great singer.

Kina Shoukichi can also be exasperating and eccentric. His political activities sometimes seem to be at odds with the views expressed in his music. And despite telling me many times that he is eager to write more songs, he has produced little recently to match the glory days of his past. But as the man who introduced me to Okinawa and changed my life forever he will always have a special place in my heart.

Akainko was a wonderful album of mainly traditional songs made in 1998. Kina shows that he has a remarkable voice and a great feeling for these old songs.

Akainko was a wonderful album of mainly traditional songs made in 1998. Kina shows that he has a remarkable voice and a great feeling for these old songs.






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2 Comments on “Sounds of the Ryukyus 2: Kina Shoukichi”

  1. kiji Says:

    Absolutely smack on with Agarizachi.
    Indeed he is a bit erratic and I have the impression it got worse. The first times I met him he spoke about God asking him to bring a message through his music, later it sounded as if he took himself for God. Last concerts I saw of him left me saddened as he was basically too drunk to perform, broke a string on his sanshin then went berserk destroying a perfectly fine sanshin.

    • Yes, Agarizachi is a great song. Sorry you had a bad time the last time you saw him. He can certainly be erratic. I would be very surprised if he was drunk though as he rarely drinks.

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