A secluded spot at Mabuni

Some time ago I discovered a small stretch of coast which I’d never previously seen. It’s only a 20 minute or so walk from my home but is so secluded that I found it almost by accident when exploring Mabuni on Okinawa’s south coast. 68 years ago this entire area was the scene of unimaginable horrors as the Battle of Okinawa reached its climax but is now a peaceful village dotted with war monuments as well as the site of Okinawa’s Peace Memorial Park and Museum. A tiny path through woods near the Kenji Monument leads to some steps which reach almost down to the beach. The final part has to be navigated by clambering over some rocks. Sadly, the beach was strewn with flotsam and jetsam when I first went there but has since been tidied up. The water here is beautifully clear and the beach is almost always deserted.

Here are some photos taken on my walk there this morning:


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One Comment on “A secluded spot at Mabuni”

  1. Philippa Lamb - Grantham, UK. Says:

    What spectacular photographs. I felt that I would be speechless if I had the chance to be there physically. Excellent!

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