Rinsho Kadekaru: Okinawa no Kokoro

Since the late great Rinsho Kadekaru died in 1999 new CDs and compilations of his work have been coming thick and fast. Now when it seemed the well had finally run dry there is another new album. Okinawa no Kokoro (The Heart of Okinawa) contains live recordings made on 2nd June 1974 at Nakagusuku Kyoiku Kaikan Hall on Okinawa’s main island. The nine tracks were originally released as an album by Elec Records and have now been remastered and made available for the first time on CD by Warner Music.


Almost any Kadekaru release is to be welcomed and these are good traditional songs performed mainly with just Kadekaru’s voice and sanshin. Halfway through the album, however, Kadekaru seems to disappear and tracks 5 and 6 (‘Kendo Bushi’ and ‘Shimirusuru’) are sung by someone else (Seijin Noborikawa?). Despite some fairly detailed Japanese notes on the songs there are no credits for the musicians and no mention anywhere of this mystery singer. Kadekaru is back in time for the expected ‘Shichigwachi Eisa’ and the ‘Kachashii’ track which concludes the album.

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