Chidori Narai RIP

The news has come through of the death of the singer and sanshin player Chidori Narai who passed away in hospital in Naha on 7th September. She was 54 and had been suffering from cancer. Narai was one of many excellent female singers produced by these islands and she sang both original and traditional songs. She came from the Yaeyama island of Iriomote where she was well known and frequently referred to as the “Iriomote no uta hime” or Iriomote diva. Among her albums, Shima Tsundasa from 2000 mixes old and new with several guest musicians while her subsequent album Ira Sanisya is very traditional with many songs from her home islands accompanied by her sanshin.


Chidori Narai moved to the main island of Okinawa and ran her own bar ‘Chidori no Mise’ in Naha which is where I first met her in 2001. She was especially attached to the traditional Iriomote song ‘Densa Bushi’ and at my request she sang a superb version while sitting next to me on the evening of my visit. An experience not to be forgotten. We met once more after that when she played a concert in Osaka. Her sad death at such an early age comes as a very unhappy surprise.

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