Ryukyu Festival 2013 in Osaka

The annual Ryukyu Festivals held in mainland Japan are always important events in the Okinawan music calendar, and especially so for the large community of exiled Okinawans in Osaka. This year’s festival is held on Sunday 27th October at Osaka-jo Ongakudo and it starts at 14:30.

Ryukyu Festival

Ishigaki’s Parsha Club, Yasukatsu Oshima, and Kiyama Shoten are all in the line-up and so is Miyako singer Isamu Shimoji. From Okinawa there are all-women groups Nenes and Sansanar as well as the Itoman band Kariyushi 58. From the Amami Islands there is Yutaka Tsuboyama, and brother and sister duo Tomoki and Arisu Sato. Surprisingly (after announcing his retirement some time ago) Sadao China returns to the festival for a ‘special appearance’. One of the highlights of the event is sure to be Okinawan-Peruvian singer Lucy who is also scheduled to perform. The festival includes the Okinawa Kariyushi-kai Eisa group and the event is compered by FM Osaka DJ Yuko Mori. Tickets are priced at 6,000 and 5,500 yen.

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