December concerts at Ryubo Hall

Some enticing concerts are scheduled for December at Naha’s Ryubo Hall (part of the Ryubo department store complex in the centre of Naha) and most of them showcase Okinawan roots artists. On the 21st there is a concert by Misako Oshiro the most famous living female singer of traditional Okinawan songs. In contrast, the following evening there is a solo concert by one of Okinawa’s brightest young singers Hajime Nakasone whose album Uta nu Itu was released earlier this year.

Misako Oshiro

Misako Oshiro

If you fancy a musical Christmas you can see Iriomote Island singer Suguru Ikeda on Christmas Day and he is followed by Miyako Island’s Isamu Shimoji on the 26th. Yukito Ara is then at Ryubo Hall on the 27th and fellow Yaeyama singer and sanshin player Yasukatsu Oshima appears there on the 28th.

Suguru Ikeda

Suguru Ikeda

Advance tickets are 3,000 yen for all those mentioned except Suguru Ikeda (2,500 yen) and Hajime Nakasone (2,000 yen). For those in Okinawa any of these live performances would be well worth seeing.

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  1. Nishi Says:

    Thanks for the info, John.

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