Suguru Ikeda at Seimei Festival

Seimei Matsuri is a small free festival held in the grounds of the Seimei Hospital just a few minutes walk from my home in Odo, Itoman. Today was the 3rd annual festival and alongside the usual stalls selling food and drinks there was a stage with performances of Okinawan eisa and Hawaiian hula dance as well as a local children’s taiko group.


Headlining the event was a special one hour show by Suguru Ikeda, one of the bigger names in Okinawan music. The singer and sanshin player from Iriomote Island has a new album released this week (to be reviewed soon on this blog) and he gave a crowd pleasing performance of traditional and original songs accompanied by his own sanshin and an acoustic guitarist.


Suguru Ikeda at today's festival

Suguru Ikeda at today’s festival

Despite this being December the festival was held on a day of glorious warm sunshine. It was an excellent way to spend a sunny day with people of all ages from the local community and the performance by Suguru Ikeda was enjoyed by everyone.

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