A visit to Sefa Utaki

‘Utaki’ is the collective name for sacred places widely found in the Ryukyu Islands. Sefa Utaki, which is in Chinen in the south of Okinawa, is the most sacred place of all and was extremely important during the time of the Ryukyu Kingdom. It was declared a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage Site in 2000 and continues to receive many visitors. Entrance to the site is by a stone path surrounded by trees and leads eventually to the most impressive innermost area of worship, Sangui, a natural triangular space formed by two large stone slabs resting against each other. Kudaka Island can be seen from here. There were several other people visiting today on a day of glorious warm sunshine. A few photos taken on our visit:





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One Comment on “A visit to Sefa Utaki”

  1. iriizumi Says:

    Today is a great day to visit here. I envy you.

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