The Guardian in Okinawa

Justin McCurry is Tokyo correspondent for The Guardian and is currently spending a few days in Okinawa to research various features for the UK national newspaper. Apart from the seemingly endless debate about the island’s American military bases he has also been focusing on its vibrant music scene and got in touch with me to ask a number of questions. Among the musicians he has already talked with are Sadao China and his protegees Nenes and he is also planning a meeting with hip-hop musician and producer Tatsumi Chibana.

Justin McCurry with singer Lucy and supporting musician Nao

Justin McCurry with singer Lucy and supporting musician Nao

After meeting Justin yesterday I was able to introduce him to Okinawan-Peruvian singer Lucy who has a residency at the Shurei Soba restaurant in Naha. As well as interviewing her at the restaurant last night for an article he is writing, he also recorded her singing, as part of a video report which it is hoped will appear soon on The Guardian’s website. As ever, Lucy’s voice and sanshin were impeccable and she received fine support from guitarist Nao. Details of whatever finally appears in the newspaper will be given here as soon as it happens.

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