Kinder International Film Festival in Okinawa

The first Kinder International Film Festival in Okinawa (KIFFO) was held yesterday in Naha at Okinawa Youth Hall. It was introduced by the festival’s director Takako Miyahira and included the screening of a Dutch movie The Zigzag Kid (2012) which was winner of the Grand Prix at the Kinderfilmfest Kyoto. This initial one day gathering was really a pre-festival event and Miyahira’s aim is to run a complete festival annually with the presentation of good films and informative and entertaining workshops to encourage young people into the world of films.

Festival director Takako Miyahira

Festival director Takako Miyahira

The 25 KIFFO youth staff members introduced themselves to the audience at the end of a very entertaining and enjoyable day. Entry to the festival was along a colourful handmade carpet which was designed and created by the young staff. The event itself is modelled on the Berlin International Film Festival’s Generation Section. KIFFO is the first children’s film festival in Okinawa and the third in Japan.


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