Kina & Plantinga on Australian radio

On the 5th of last month three tracks from the recently released (and reviewed here) double single Washinnayo by Shoukichi Kina and Pascal Plantinga were featured on the Australian weekly radio show Enter the Dragon which comes from Melbourne community broadcaster PBS FM. The one hour special entitled ‘Okinawan Island Spirit’ can still be listened to by going to the PBS website:

In addition to Kina and Plantinga the show includes tracks from Ryukyu Underground and Amami’s Rikki as well as The Boom. PBS is a provider of independent and diverse music and it’s good to know that this now includes something from the Ryukyu Islands.

Pascal Plantinga is interviewed on Peter Barakan's radio show

Pascal Plantinga is interviewed on Peter Barakan’s radio show

Pascal Plantinga visited Okinawa and Japan in February to promote the collaboration with Shoukichi Kina and was interviewed on Radio Okinawa and also on Peter Barakan’s show Weekend Sunshine which is broadcast on Saturday mornings by NHK FM.


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