Okinawan music in The Guardian

Justin McCurry is Tokyo Correspondent for the UK newspaper The Guardian. Earlier this year he came to Okinawa to report on the situation here. For his feature on Okinawan music I was able to introduce him to singers Lucy Nagamine and Tatsumi Chibana and he also made contact with Shoukichi Kina and the band Nenes.

Screen Shot 2014-04-18 at 1.18.17 PM

After several delays the article has finally been published in today’s edition of the national newspaper. The online version contains a video of Lucy performing live in Naha. Justin also managed to squeeze in a mention of my book. The online article with video is here:


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One Comment on “Okinawan music in The Guardian”

  1. iri Says:

    I was very much impressed by this article. The reasons are as follows: 1) Not only Kina ShĂ´kichi but also Chibana Tatsumi, whose music I have long loved and listened to since “Tami-no domino People’s domino” was released in 2004, is introduced. 2) You can watch and listen to Lucy singing. 3) I can easily recognize “her [Lucy’s] regular venue, a restaurant in Naha” is Shurei Soba, where my wife and I had soba-dinner this evening.

    There is a sentence you can say is wrong in this article. “The move is opposed by most islanders, including the residents of Nago, whose city lies near the proposed site for the new base” should have read as “The move is opposed by most islanders, including the residents of Nago, whose city the new base is relocated to.” Maybe you should inform this to the Guardian.

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