Bottle Mail from Okinawa

Bottle Mail from Okinawa is the title of a new 50 minute show of Okinawan music and dance which will be performed for the first time this summer in Scotland at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2014. The performance is by a collective of singers and dancers from Okinawa known as ‘Ship of the Ryukyu’. Its aim is to introduce the world to the distinctive culture of Okinawa by showcasing some of the outstanding performing arts to be found in the Ryukyu Islands. The collective began in 2012 with the support of the Okinawan government and has already presented works in Asia, Europe, the USA, and Australia.

From the official poster for Bottle Mail from Okinawa

From the official poster for Bottle Mail from Okinawa

The director of Bottle Mail from Okinawa is Megumi Tomita who is already well known and highly regarded in Okinawa for her many activities in the media and especially for her work as a writer, theatrical director, and actor. It was through our joint participation in the film Karakara that I first got to know Megumi more than two years ago and she has since introduced me to many important aspects of Okinawan culture which has helped to broaden my knowledge of these islands and their unique performing arts.

Director Megumi Tomita

Director Megumi Tomita

‘Ship of the Ryukyu’ views Okinawan performing arts as a Ryukyu Cultural Ship sailing the world to share the treasures of Okinawa. Bottle Mail from Okinawa, directed by Megumi Tomita, will be performed in Edinburgh from the 9th to 24th August. The Ship of the Ryukyu website contains a video trailer for the performance:

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