Okinawa Typhoon

As most will surely know, Okinawa was hit this week by one of its biggest typhoons for many years. Typhoon Neoguri first ripped through the Miyako Islands before moving on to the main island of Okinawa on Tuesday where half a million people were advised to evacuate, and more than 100,000 were left without electricity. The Ryukyu Islands are frequently visited by typhoons and the islanders are well prepared but this was stronger than most and was initially classified as a ‘super typhoon’.

Typhoon Neoguri hits Okinawa, Japan

Here on the southern tip of the island we always seem to have the worst time regarding power cuts and our house was without electricity for almost two days. The typhoon has now moved on to mainland Japan and the recovery is under way here on Okinawa.

Typhoon Neoguri hits Okinawa, Japan

Typhoon Neoguri hits Okinawa, Japan

These photos were taken yesterday in the Yomitan area by the British photographer and Okinawa resident Chris Willson. They show the continuing danger of landslides from torrential rain, as well as a flattened sign and some flattened banana trees.




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2 Comments on “Okinawa Typhoon”

  1. joanna Says:

    was thinking of you on that southern tip – glad to hear all ok.

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