Gary Edward Jones: The Cabinet Maker

Gary Edward Jones is indeed a cabinet maker as well as a singer, guitarist and songwriter from Liverpool, England and this is his debut album. Jones has been around for a while performing and writing songs and has at last put out this short album of nine songs. Supporting musicians include Skeet Williams (guitar, dobro, tenor banjo) and Oscar South (double bass) who also pops up with a burst of Okinawan sanshin on the album’s final track ‘Vampires’.


There is nothing here that pushes any boundaries and the country-flavoured style which runs through many of these songs is very familiar. That said, Jones is a fine singer with a distinctive voice and the album as a whole is an enjoyable and easy listen. The addition of two female backing vocalists on most tracks also adds to its general warmth and accessibility.

The best songs are the opener ‘Free Falling’ and the love song ‘All I Want is You’ with their catchy and insistent melodies. The sanshin doesn’t appear until almost the end and adds little that a banjo couldn’t have done but it’s interesting to hear it played on a mainstream Western album. Everything is crisply performed and beautifully recorded and The Cabinet Maker shows that Jones is a craftsman of songs as well as wood.

Tickets are on sale now for the album launch concert which is on 15th November at St. George’s Hall, Liverpool.






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