The Sweet Lowdown: Chasing The Sun

The Sweet Lowdown is a trio from Canada based in Victoria, British Columbia. Amanda Blied (guitar), Shanti Bremer (banjo) and Miriam Sonstenes (fiddle) play acoustic songs and music strongly influenced by bluegrass and old-timey. This is already their fourth album and it’s surely their best yet. All of the eleven tracks were written by the band and they have an easy flowing way with the interplay of their instruments and the frequently gorgeous harmony of their voices.

Chasing the Sun contains a mix of songs and tunes which are augmented by extra musicians playing bass and mandolin on some tracks. It’s all fairly light, breezy and melodic but the songs also touch on heavier matters such as the Fukushima disaster in the song ‘Fallout’.


The harmony singing is shown at its most appealing on the unaccompanied ‘Leaving’ while the song ‘You Can Find the North’ shows off the best of their songwriting. As well as influences from Appalachian music there is also an instrumental track with a couple of jigs. The three women are extremely accomplished musicians and they seem equally at home on whichever style they turn to next. It all adds up to a very fine album.

There are videos of The Sweet Lowdown performing two tracks from the album on their website.

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