Vissel Kobe in Okinawa

Okinawa is a popular destination for professional soccer and baseball pre-season training camps. This year several J1 football league clubs are doing their pre-season preparations on the island. One of these is Vissel Kobe FC. The squad has been on Okinawa for almost a week along with their new manager, the Brazilian Nelsinho who won a league title with Kashiwa Reysol in 2011. My old friend Shige Hasebe is still at the club and has now been made Head Coach. Yesterday we met up with him briefly at the training session held at Zampa Misaki, Yomitan.

Some photos below from yesterday’s session, courtesy of Vissel Kobe.






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One Comment on “Vissel Kobe in Okinawa”

  1. Nishi Says:

    Yes, this island has long been targeted by quite a few baseball teams for their preseason camping; in contrast, football teams’ coming here this time of the year has been a fairly recent phenomenon.
    I was slightly surprised that John uses “soccer” rather than “football” above. In many football-loved countries, they more often than not say the national teams of the countries where the term “soccer” is preferred to “football” will not win the world cup championship. I hope thus that Vissel Koobe will get over this terminology and keep winning games to the J1 championship.
    I however very much understand he uses this term above because it is coupled with a very American sport baseball.

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