Nigenshiki: Aoi Sora

The duo Nigenshiki were formed in Okinawa in 2012 by Masashi (vocal, guitar) and Masaki (rap). Masaki is better known as the rapper Kakumakushaka and it was under this name that he made the excellent Image Nothing CD, and before that the album Oto Ashagi with Tatsumi Chibana under the name Duty Free Shopp.

On this four track mini-album the two singers benefit from each other’s contributions on a very productive blend of rap and pop. There is also a slice of traditional Okinawan music on the third track ‘Kimi no Koe’ which employs sanshin and a children’s chorus of hayashi very effectively. The song is also used as the official theme for Yomitan Radio on FM Yomitan.


The award-winning title track was written by the pair for a television commercial and contains lots of positive lyrics about peace, the environment and life in general. The mini-album is a varied, accessible and uplifting debut and it will be good to hear more from Nigenshiki in the future.

Aoi Sora (Blue Sky) is released on Siesta. Nigenshiki will perform with other musicians from Okinawa at Naha Output on Sunday 1st March. This is a release event for Aoi Sora and will start at 18:00.

Further details and videos can be found at:

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One Comment on “Nigenshiki: Aoi Sora”

  1. Keith Gordon Says:

    I used to work with Masashi at Yomitan JHS years ago. He was the pool attendant and he used his time between classes poolside looking at the ocean and playing guitar 🙂 I used to hide there while avoiding class! Good to hear he’s doing well.

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