Kepa Junkera & Sorginak: Trikitixaren historia txiki bat

There are many players of the trikitixa (diatonic accordion) in the Basque Country but Kepa Junkera has established himself as the best-known internationally with numerous appearances at festivals and concerts around the world. He has also recorded prolifically and has collaborated regularly with musicians from other countries and cultures. His 2006 album Hiri, inspired by memories of different cities, even included a composition for ‘Nagoya’.

Now to commemorate 35 years as a musician he returns to his roots and has recently released a 17 track CD of traditional Basque tunes alongside several original compositions of his own. But this isn’t just another Junkera release as this one comes in the form of a large-sized 150 page hardback book with the CD inserted inside the back cover.


Trikitixaren historia txiki bat (A little history of trikitixa) gives us the fascinating story of trikitixa written by Joxian Agirre and the book contains contributions from Kepa Junkera and others along with numerous interviews with important personalities in the world of trikitixa. There are also lots of photos, many of them from Junkera’s personal archive.

The text in the book is printed in two languages – Euskara (Basque) and Spanish. However, a visit to Kepa Junkera’s website will also turn up complete translations of the text in English, Galician and Catalan as well as Euskara and Spanish. The release in Japan has an insert with notes in Japanese.

Sorginak with Kepa Junkera

Sorginak with Kepa Junkera

Joining Junkera for the music is a group of seven young women from the trikitixa world known as Sorginak who were put together especially for this project. They provide the vocals to many of the tracks as well as panderoa (tambourine) which traditionally blends so well with trikitixa to make the unique sounds of this roots music. It hardly needs adding that the recordings are up to the usual high standard and Junkera and Sorginak are both in fine form.

A short video ‘Making Of’ gives a taste of the music on the CD:

Trikitixaren historia txiki bat is released by Fol Musica.








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